New year fireworks outside Australia are awesome!

I was in a small town outside of Zurich a few years ago for NYE. Her house is slightly higher than her town and you could face any direction from there and the horizon was a sea of fireworks. At my cousins unit in the middle of Vienna he took a video 360 degrees and it’s the same. It’s just everyones personal fireworks everywhere. Brazil is the same as this video shows from a plane.

And Amsterdam

Re-realisation about time and what matters.

For some reason Xmas and boxing day this year re-triggered an old thought, or a recurring one. How awesome it is to see people everywhere having the time just to hangout and do nothing together.

We really need to get over this “Keeping up with the Jones'” mindset we have here (here meaning Australia, but probably other countries as well). Having to have the most pristine lawn out the front of the house, the latest car, the latest big screen TV, Foxtel, Netflix, material this and that. Why do we care so much? Once I’ve a piece of steel with rubber wheels which achieves it’s purpose, then what? The lawn will just grow to it’s height and that natural plant called ‘grass’ will be in it’s natural state. Unless it gets in the way because you need a clear pathway to walk, or it’s a fire hazard or something, it’s actually nicer as long grass. How big does a TV screen need to be? What difference does the latest smart phone really make? Does social media actually make you more social?

Going back to Xmas / boxing day this year. Really if we could make a 4 hour work day and then have at least 4 extra hours to just be with each other sitting around, being bored together. Then I think we wouldn’t feel the need to fill the holes in our life with shiny objects. The media promotes “…be the envy of your friends…” That’s no fun. Why would I want my friends to not like me because they are envious?

Thinking back. Best friends are made when people spend a lot of time being bored together. This is because boredom creates space for people to show who they truly are. The nothing creates the something. If you want to get to know people, create a fire (if possible), make food and drink, maybe add music and sit around that fire doing nothing much. That’s where associations start to happen. Create this scenario anywhere on Earth and people seem to be content.

Interesting that fire has been banned in so many places. There really should be an open fire pit at every park where people can come start a public fire. It doesn’t cost much if anything to do. If the council is paranoid they can put in lights and security cameras, but each suburb needs a fireplace where people can walk to from their house and talk to other people there.

There should be a spot within walking distance for car camping so travelers can pull in for the night. Again, use cameras for security and at popular spots restrict the stay to 2-3 nights, but the cost is so minuscule and the enhancement to the living environment and peoples happiness is huge.  There is really no excuse for this not to be in every suburb across Australia.

Again, the re-realisation….. Minimise material things, reduce shininess, organise life to spend 3-4 hours a day with others being bored. Do more communal fire places.

The first 3 minutes.

We were out at a party last night and whilst walking up the stairwell to the top floor we ran into one of the guitarists. He said hi to us and the usual name exchange went on. And then that first question most people ask was different.

Glen asked “What’s your passion?”

Such a better question than “….. and what do you do?”

Glens passion was making music and he was presently writing a screenplay.

For many it’s a much more difficult thing to answer. My passion at the moment is designing and building planes. Dana actually paused and because she took so long to answer I answered for her saying “Pilates”. Even though this was totally the wrong answer., it took her till now (the next afternoon) to answer.

Either way. It’s a great question to ask next time you meet someone new. “What’s your passion?”

Question for Linux music nerds like myself?

This post will prompt me to get Akismet or something antispam happening here so people cna reply on these posts.

The question:

What’s the best option you’ve found for streaming music via Webdav:// or sftp:// which works cross platform including touch screen devices?



Rhythmbox using an sftp mount (Fairly automatic from Caja in Mint 19.1,)

VLC half looks like it wants to, but more has an option for a UDP stream. I’ve not tested this yet. Thing is that it doesn’t have a column browser like Rhythmbox or Itunes.


Stupid questions?

Just wondering. If I have a friend who owns a business who makes say shovels. Shovels for digging holes like plumbers use. They make a good quality shovel at a fair price. In fact my friend has a decent sized factory making shovels. They produce 2000 of them a week. The workers there work a 37.5 hour STANDARD work week with 4 weeks holiday, 2 weeks sick leave, 10 days of public holidays per year. They get paid a wage that they can live on and even buy a house in their own country on if they show a good solid savings record for a couple of years. They also get an extra equivalent 1/10th of their wages put into superannuation so when they are old they have something as a backup if they’re not so good at finances themselves.

(a) Now if an overseas company from a communist country starts selling shovels in Australia at half the price how should my friend compete?

(b) Should he start paying those staff the same as communist wages?

(c) Or should his staff work 70 hours per week for the same wages with minimal holidays?

(d) To help my Aussie mate and all the workers at that company, what would happen if we taxed the imported product so it was just a bit more expensive than the local one?

(e) What would happen to the money from the tax on those imports?

(f) Because my friends shovel company makes a lot of shovels per week, he involves a lot of other indirect employees. The chippies, plumbers, sparkies, etc to build and maintain the factory? The accountants and bookkeepers to do the books. The truck drivers, freight handlers. The HR people to do the hiring and firing. The marketing, graphic design and advertising people to promote the shovels. The  engineers to design, build and maintain the production machinery. The IT people to keep the computer systems running smoothly. The teachers at Tafe, University, High Schools whom taught all the above people how to do what they know. How many other staff does it indirectly affect?

(g) What is the difference between a politician who is not answering and resolving the above questions and someone who is on the dole?


Time lapse really gives the world a different point of view. It makes everything somehow look smaller.

Time lapse equipment here:

Which lead into this guys project of taking footage of Antarctica and projecting it onto a building (The Auckland War Museum). It’s interesting what people become obsessed with.