Question for Linux music nerds like myself?

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The question:

What’s the best option you’ve found for streaming music via Webdav:// or sftp:// which works cross platform including touch screen devices?



Rhythmbox using an sftp mount (Fairly automatic from Caja in Mint 19.1,)

VLC half looks like it wants to, but more has an option for a UDP stream. I’ve not tested this yet. Thing is that it doesn’t have a column browser like Rhythmbox or Itunes.


Tones and I

We saw Toni busking in Byron whilst wandering around. She drew a massive crowd. The police kept stopping by and asking everyone to get off the street, but they didn’t stop her performing.

She has covers on YouTube, but personally I think the music she’s written herself has far more impact and that’s what she should be promoting more on YouTube etc.