Climate change and sustainability – how to fix it.

Checking the definition of the word “sustainable” we have:


Mirriam Webster


To sustain is to continue at the same level. Support where we are at. Everyone is jumping up and down about carbon credits, pollution and the greenhouse effect, but no one talks about population. In Australia we are growing at around 430k people per year according to the ABS populations clock. How is this SUSTAINABLE?
It doesn’t matter which way you look at it, it is not sustainable. All the other environmental saving methods are null and void until we fix this one. Personally I want to see us sustain population at 13 million like it was in the 70’s.

With all the automation removing people from work and almost all our manufacturing industry going offshore at the moment, how are we to provide decent fairly paid work in fair conditions for all those people?

Ahhhh yes… the UBI I hear you say. The UBI is a split of resources though and the more there are, the less there is each.

“Oh, but I’ve worked so hard for this house and if the population isn’t growing then I won’t get capital growth and all this hard work will be for nothing. ”

Yes, but continuing down the path we’re on you’ll end up like the people of Castle Hill in Sydney. Once a nice rural place of open farmland with a relaxed pace. Now it’s sold out. The people that made money from the property developments there have either had to leave the land that was their families home for generations or they are stuck in traffic and smog up to their eyeballs in a situation where it takes a minimum of 40minutes to get anywhere useful and transit of 1hr 20mins is considered normal.

No tram system, Walking for 20 minutes get’s you to a place that looks like where you just came from which is exactly nowhere useful. The new train line that’s been put in was an afterthought and only goes part of the way to the outer suburbs. A different gauge track (that makes sense). You still mostly have to get in the car to go anywhere. Bicycle tracks are limited and riding on the footpath has been made illegal in places so you have to ride next to trucks on the main road. New suburbs have been put in with no corridors for mass transit systems allowed for and no extra space on the side of existing roads to increase the width. No verges so there can be no trees planted. 450 square meter blocks with houses on them which belong on 2000sqm blocks. The roofs of which are so close in some places that you can just from roof top to roof top. No space on housing blocks for a vegetable garden, let alone a shed. What’s the man in a household supposed to do? The woman has the house and he has???? …. nothing really.

Is that what we want?

Climate change, at the moment we don’t really care at all. If we did we’d get onto this population thing and truly SUSTAIN. Think about that word. What does it mean people?

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