Fortunate error and discovering Linux Mint Mate 19

A few weeks ago I was trying to fix a blue tooth pairing issue from an old laptop to a blue tooth stereo. It was late at night and I was over tired, thus I removed some dependencies because I was a bit gung ho. Well I knew where all the data was and that it was safe so it was OK. It was an experimental laptop also so care factor was minimal.

Either way I saw Linux Mint 19 was available and it seemed like a shorter path to reinstall……. and now I’m glad that I did! Mint 19 is awesome. Much like Ubuntu Gnome 2 was back in 2007 / 2008. Things just work. It took the old laptop HP Elitebook 8780w (circa ~2010ish) which was useless under MS os’, quite good under Mint 18 and now actually my preference with Mint Mate 19.

It actually goes better than my macBook 2010 with Yosemite on it. (Although if I put some effort in to clean it up it would be OK) Still, apple OS has gone downhill since Jobs passed away. Moving to IOS was understandable, but poorly implemented.

Nice work Linux Mint Mate team. You’ve brought back Gnome 2.

For anyone else out there with a laptop that doesn’t go from 10 years ago. Try Linux Mint Mate 19. ‘Tis very nice.