Time logging and the human brain

“Wasn’t it just Christmas? How did we get here again so fast? It’s like I blinked and it’s Christmas again. What the hell happened to the year?!!”

I’ve definitely said this. When does it happen. When I’m just cracking along, going to work, going to do exercise. No really communicating with anyone much more than

“Hey, howzertgoin’ ?”

“Yeaarp, origh'”

“K, better get working”

“Yeaarp, same. L8r”


Most sports are very non interactive as well. I go, I train, I leave.

I go, I surf, I leave.

I go, I sail, I go home.

Conversations are more or less the above.

Yet, I recall incidences wandering around where I’ve thought that an event happened 6 or more weeks ago, but it was less than 10 days ago.

Other times where I feel like I’ve been on the road traveling for at least 6months relative to time in suburban (non)-reality and it’s only been weeks.

It took a bit of pondering to figure out why. The answer seems to be the number of people I spend time with doing nothing much. When spending time with people doing nothing much, real friendships are created. If I’m doing something specific with someone, then they don’t necessarily seem like someone I know well. It’s really the NOTHING which creates the SOMETHIING between mates.

If I think to the people I consider more as friends than acquaintances, they are the ones I’ve spent the most boring times with (from a doing perspective). Boring is probably a poor word to use, but if another asked what we were doing…

“Nuthin’ much” would be the reply.

Thus my brain seems to log length of time by the amount of different people I spent time with doing NOTHING much comfortably, where the conversation was non specific, or there was no conversation at all.

Going back to Dalio’s idea of happiness being correlated with community and meaningful work, rather than level of material wealth or intelligence, this observation fits quite well.

The times working where I’d work from the time I woke up to past when I should go to bed, 7days a week for months on end almost feel like they never happened. I had the material wealth resultants (sometimes), but the time vanished. Hitchhiking / traveling around with almost nothing, or not traveling, just munging out with mates (so called) wasting time, appears to hold rather large time slots in my head.

A note on this. Facebook and social media do not seem to hold much in the way of time slots in my mind. They just feel like looking through old photo albums of times long past, or trying to write communications to someone who is not here. Having said that, I’ve actually had people say to me “…,but we did catch up!!”

“Huh, when?”

“On Facebook.”

Interesting that social media is counted as a real interaction now. I am really starting to see that many only interact though screens.

My cousin once said “I wish aliens would land or something.”


“Cause everything is just so boring and the same. I want something exciting to happen.”

Well, the adventure lies in the street outside your house. Take a backpack and some camping gear, walk out your front door and keep walking with your thumb out. Someone will give you a lift eventually. It could be 20 minutes or 6 hours till they do, but they will.

Is it dangerous? Society will tell you it is, but so is adventure. Adventure has risk otherwise it wouldn’t be adventure. You will spend many hours in vehicles doing NOTHING much with the people who give you a lift. They will spill their guts to you about everything that’s happening in their lives. You will get the real news about what’s going on in that geographic location. And 7 days on the road may feel like 5months or a year in your normal life. If you had to write an essay on that week as opposed to your normal 5months, you’ll more than likely have about the same amount of words if not more.