New fin prototype CNC milled from MDF.

This prototype fin milled from MDF came out quite well and the customer was happy with the result. This is just a proof of concept at the moment though. The main point was to see that the camber from the fin box could be machined at the right angle.

Also the tip of the foil may look a bit thick. This was intentional as I was just showing consistent proportions of foil shape down the fin. Foil shapes are measured as a percentage of the chord length. The chord being the distance from the leading edge to the trailing edge. Towards the tip of the fin the chord increases and thus the thickness does also. Therefore on this fin the foil is actually proportionately the same all the way down, even though looking from front on it does not look even. This will be changed in the final version.

This fin profile is the customers design.

See vid here