Gibb River, Katherine, Darwin, Uluru then back to Darwin

Sooo many notes to add to these images!!! But right now I don’t have the time. Will have to come back to it.

In summary though. I finished hitching the Gibb River Road. I bit freaky at times because societies warnings echoed in my head no matter how much reason said they were not true. 900km of dirt through the north west. It’s well graded. Don’t do it in wet season as apparently you can only get to most places by chopper.

I bounced through Kununarra then to Katherine. Geez I like Katherine for some reason. just good vibes there. I flicked up to Darwin, but still had a week till my flight. I wasn’t too into the backpacker / pub scene at that time. I wasn’t really in the frame of mind. I’d never been to the rock before and thought I could get back in a week. So it was a fast ride south to Uluru and back to Darwin again.

Looking back at these images now (Dec 2018), there was so much that happened just in this section, I could just write pages and pages of notes. A lot about the different people and their personalities. It’s like as though a year went by, but it was only weeks.

Interesting one night I camped just north of Alice as I was heading back to Darwin. It was a tad late and I was pushing it. As it became black I walked off into the desert and set up camp. As I was setting up I realised there was a Dingo wandering around about 40m away. It hung out all night and was there in the morning. Just looked like a pet dog really. Hadn’t come across Dingos in the wild before though.